The Architecture of Space Interior and the context of experience abstract


Elżbieta Błeszyńska

The Architecture of Space Interior and the context of experience abstract


The aim of the work is to act as a stimulus will cause readers anxiety.
I was provoked to write the work by a automatic,
commercial and functional way treating urban - architectural space.
The understanding of space that is one - directional
and solely of engineering kind made start reconsidering that issue.
How to shape the existing space and how to isolate the thought in urban space.
How to build new houses not violating the context
of the place and,
at the same time emphasizing itd values in the surrounding space?
How to incorporate still newer and never values of a contemporary man,
who is changing along witg the civilization and not to break with tradition.
My considentions included in this work are to evoke
some reflections in readers designers break
their routines evoke uncertainty and make
the readers question their understanding of what urban - architectural space is.
The space cannot be assessed objectively with no regard to
its subjective perception that is here called the contexts of the space.
The dynamic development of urban space built up with objects
that do not blend well with the existing situation provokes such deliberations.
The work focuses on the urban - architectural space itself
and does not included the landscape in its full environmental and cultural context.

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